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Stars and Waves



"Ingenious and engaging plot, a series of twists and turns. Once you start reading this book you won't be able to put it down." Lapo Casetti, Professor, University of Florence

"I’d highly recommend this one, I can genuinely say I’ve never read anything like it before." @gee.booksandlife

"If you want a book that grips you then this one is for you." Hannah's Book Club

"Compelling! An exciting thriller that jumps from one continent to another, in the fascinating world of astronomers, made up of exotic places, large telescopes and great discoveries." Guido Risaliti, Professor, University of Florence

"It’s full of twists and turns and has a thriller aspect to it which was gripping and entertaining. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves space and also thriller aspects." @belleandthenovel

"The plot is full of twists, worthy of a movie. A fast-paced thriller that I read with pleasure." Roberto Baglioni

"The story is very good and unique, I have never read anything like it. It was full of twists and turns right to the end." @thebookfile

"This is a very unique story, involving art, history, and a lot about stars and exoplanets. The author uses their real life experience in order to add a layer of reality to the book, and it really pays off. There are plenty of twists and turns which make this one a page turner." @sophie_shelves

"This book was excellent. I was very excited to read this. I highly recommend this if you like space, crime, science and good storytelling." @mag.icalstories

"I would highly recommend this book to people who love a great thriller with some really interesting plot twists!" @

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